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What is AWANA?

Based in the Chicago area, Awana is the only organization with fully integrated evangelism and discipleship programs for ages 3 to 18 that actively involve parents, church leaders, and mentors. Each week, more than 4 million children and youth take part in Awana throughout 50,00 churches in 120 countries.


What Awana believes.

About Awana



What do we do at AWANA?


Games, Bible verse memorization, themed nights, awards, and lots of fun activities keep clubbers coming back every year.


             AWANA meets on Wednesday nights during the school year

September 13th through May, 5:15pm-7:15pm


Mountain View Community Church

* Cubbies (3-4 yrs)

*Sparks (K-2nd grade)

Grace Community Church

* Truth & Training (3rd-5th grade)

*Trek (6th-8th grade)

*Journey (9th-12th grade)

“The greatest power of good and the hope for the future is building the Kingdom of God. Jesus said that it belongs to the CHILDREN.” Mark 10:14

​Questions? Contact Matt and Monica Laky at 

For more info or to view the Awana calendar,

visit the Ramona Awana website!

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