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In 1951, a few families met for Bible Study and prayer meetings in homes in the Ramona area.  As the months went by others came and Ramona First Baptist Church was formed.  The meetings were held in the Grange Hall at 7th & Main Streets. At this time, the church became part of the Baptist General Conference which is now known as Converge. Ramona First Baptist Church was the twelfth church in California associated with Converge. Shortly after the formation of the church the Grange Hall building was outgrown and the church was moved to the Odd Fellows Hall on the corner of Highway 78 and B Street. 


By 1956 the church had outgrown the Odd Fellows Hall, and a building was completed at 9th & E Street. As the church continued to grow there were both victories and challenges. In1964 nearly half of the membership left over a dispute with the pastor and it took the church several years to recover. Those who remained worked through these difficulties under God’s direction and to His glory.


In 1980 the church began to search for land and formed a search committee in 1981.  Over the next 13 years the search continued. In 1995 the 12 acre property at the corner of Hwy 78 & Ash Street was purchased for future development.  In 1999 the church sold the current church building at 9th & E Street. Between the sale of the building and the development of the new property the church met at Ramona Elementary School. 


On Easter Sunday, 1999 a ground-breaking ceremony was held in anticipation of a new multi-purpose building.  Easter Services were held on the new property in tents in both 1999 and 2000.  Construction of the new building began in June 2000.


As the construction of the new building began the congregation rededicated the church to the worship and service of our God, to the teaching of His Word and to living lives dedicated to Him. The church moved into the new building Easter Sunday, April 15, 2001. A building dedication ceremony was held on June 3, 2001 and the church name was changed to Mountain View Community Church.


In 2005, a Christian Education building was built to accommodate the church’s continued growth in the early 2000’s.  The Christian Education Building was first used on November 8, 2005.


As the church continued to experience growth it was decided that future development should be considered as needs arise. On September 9th, 2017 the church received an approved amendment to the major use permit. The plan has four phases to it. Phase one is the addition of a bridge between the current building as well as an atrium underneath the bridge which would provide a larger place for greeting and events. Phase two is the addition of a second educational building to provide for growth in the youth and children’s ministry. Phase three is the construction of a new Worship Center. Phase four is another Education Building.


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