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Scott Ferrell

Study: Biblically Based Study

When: 6:30 pm

Where: 18365 Chablis Road

Contact info: 858-688-3584

We stand strong and united on the principles and responsibility of glorifying Christ as Lord and making disciples above all.


Iron Sharpens Iron Garage, ISIG, started as a Men’s Bible study in my house a few years ago. It grew to the outside picnic table and then down to the shop/garage. We roll out the motorcycles, set up chairs, get the BBQ going and the coffee by 6:30. Cook some dogs and have water or coffee and fellowship (wait for the guys to roll in) for 30 minutes. From 7pm-8pm we are in our study. 8pm to 8:30 we share prayer requests and praise reports and then we pray. This builds bonds between brothers and strengthens the brother’s faith as each week we see the Lord’s provision in our lives as we seek to serve Him and others with love.

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